Blast Golf

Golfers struggle with 3-putts because fullsizeoutput_51c
they can’t control timing.

Blast Golf is the solution. The Blast Golf swing analyzer sensor captures your stroke metrics, helps you analyze your data, and provides drills to improve your timing. By improving your timing, you will make more putts.  It’s being used by players and instructors to enhance putting skills and full shots. Over 250 Tour players can’t be wrong.

Tempo & Timing Lesson with the Blast Putting Analyser  £75.00
If you are struggling to control your distance, this lesson will help you understand any tempo and timing issues you might have. Gaining consistency in this key area will take your putting to new heights.

Blast Motion Hire
£30 Per Hour without instruction.

Remote Master Class Lessons
If you can’t visit the WEGA personally then this is the next best thing.

£100.00  – Yearly Membership to the WEGA Connect Web Site.
£150.00  –  Purchase – Blast Device if Needed. Compatible Devices Needed  More Info 
£200.00 –  Opt 1. Professional Advice – 12 Months (6 Reviews)
£100.00 –  Opt 2. Professional Advice – 12 Months (3 Reviews)
£20.00 –  Opt 3. Professional Advice – 1 Month (1 Review)

More information on your coach.

Past and present Students.


From the Blast App all your data will automatically be downloaded to your personal connect site. The Blast app will also allow you to download videos of your stroke.

Your putting data will be monitored throughout the year,  specailist advice, drills and tests will be provided to help you personally improve your stroke, tempo and timing.

About the WEGA Connect Web Site –
Perform practice plans assigned by a coach.
Perform workout plans assigned by a coach.
Skills Competition
Participate in skills competitions and see how you stack up.
Remote Coaching
Get real-time feedback from your coach – anywhere, anytime (req. coach connection)
Media Library 
Store videos / images, select for analysis, and share.
Swing Analysis 
Analyze data and receive coaching feedback through video voiceovers, markups and drawings.
Score Tracking
Capture your scores as you play and track progress over time.
Evaluate your performance history with statistics and data visualisations.

box-blast-golf-replayPlease call Nick Riley for further information. (GMT) +44 (0)117 9502121