Custom Fitting

Put yourself on a path to lower scores with a Professional Club Fitting.
The West of England Golf Academy “Custom Fitting Experience” is a comprehensive tee-to-green process developed to provide properly fitted equipment for golfers throughout the entire set. Fitting drivers, long game, irons and wedges. Fitting tools and methods allow each golfer to be prescribed the correct club models and personalised set specifications for optimum performance. Being fitted for the proper clubs leads to better play and lower scores.

The GC2 is primary to this fitting service and is used in conjunction with a PGA Professional who has many years of experience in golf instruction, custom fitting, golf club repairs and alterations. The GC2 sets the standard in club fitting technology and provides the ultimate tool for custom fitting golf clubs. Within one millisecond, the GC2 Launch System takes two photos of the ball. It’s sophisticated software then instantly analyzes those photos and displays the data. The accuracy of the Launch System is impressive; it measures ball speed within 0.5 mph, launch angle within 0.2 degrees, backspin and sidespin within 150 rpm and side angle within two degrees.
Quintic – Biomechanics software and video analysis are also used within the fitting experience, this enables you to compare video images via the computer screen.
Designed for the elite coach, elite athlete and sports scientist.

What is custom fitting?
Custom Fitting is the process by which golf equipment is tailored to an individual’s unique needs. Custom Fitting can be used to achieve many different aims; adapting to a players physical dimensions (taller / • shorter / large hands etc),reducing the impact of a consistent swing fault,to encourage the correct technique,to eliminate a specific shot, in order to deliver the club face in a square position at impact more often than if the player was using equipment in the standard make up.
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A standard club customisation is FREE
If you would like to have your swing speed, launch angle and spin rate tested using the GC2 Launch Monitor and have the ULTIMATE CLUB CUSTOMISATION, please call 0117 9502121 to book an appointment.

45 Minute Iron Fitting – £40
45 Minute Driver Fitting – £40

1. Iron Fitting
2. Driver Fitting
3. Fairway Woods
4. Putter Custom Fitting
5. Wedge Fitting
6. Dynamic Loft & Lie Check
7. Find your distances (Full set yardages)
8. Optimise your club-head speed for your best distance, control and accuracyswingweight_150x150