Golf Lessons

Golf tuition is available to all golfers from beginners to professionals. The teaching is towards the modern approach to the golf swing with an awareness of the players swing characteristics and abilities.
All the golf instruction and advice is provided by our team of Fully Qualified PGA Professional golfers who all specialize in video golf coaching. All lessons are one to one unless otherwise stated.

Individual Golf Lessons, Programs and Price.

PGA-Professional_100x100Individual Golf Lessons – Aimed at all ability levels.
£35.00 – 30 Minute Golf lesson.
£45.00 – 45 Minute Golf Lesson.
£55.00 – 60 Minute Golf lesson

Fancy Trying Golf

Thinking of joining a golf club
Individual Beginner Program £225.00
2 Students (Share Session) £130.00 Each

Then this beginners program could be the one for you. This program is designed to get the beginner golfer up to speed with all the basic skills and knowledge required for a game of golf.
The beginners program has a proven formula, starting with the short game and progressing through to the more complicated long game.
Course Content:
A series of 6 x 45 minute lessons with a PGA Professional to learn the basic skills in putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play, mid irons, long game including course awareness and management.
Introduction to all aspects of the game including the club, staff, course, clubhouse and admin.
Opportunity to meet new and existing golf club members.
Basic rules & etiquette information and terminology.
All equipment provided if required.

Player Development Plan

5 X 60 Minute Course  £250.00

At the WEGA, we have created a special course called The Players Development Plan. Designed for the player that wishes to take his or her game to the next level. Firstly, a student assessment is carried out where the pupils past history, and their analysis of their swing or stroke are talked through. The students learning style and goals are also determined. After this assessment, the pupil and coach discuss a development plan for the future. Once the 5-hour programme has been designed, the students can set out a time scale to suit themselves.

This course includes the full use of all biomechanics video software, balance and vision analysis equipment. The use of such software and video analysis an effective tool to help you improve your golfing technique. More and more golfers, coaches and scientists are using video feedback as a coaching aid. Video can very quickly help golfers to understand the basic fundamentals of a specific movement.
Course Content:
This will vary between individual students depending on the players development plan. It might be we work on all parts of the student’s game or simply only one area of concern. This course is suitable for any players wishing to take their game to the next level.

9 Playing Lesson
2 Hour Session

This is the most overlooked lesson format of them all, yet possibly the most valuable towards the development of your game.
A playing lesson could be your missing link. It is a lesson that is just as valuable as learning to swing your golf clubs. It is a lesson on the golf course with a golf professional, learning HOW to PLAY golf.
During a playing lesson you will learn how to think and act on a golf course. Most people can ruin their game by over analyzing their swing during play. The golf course is not the time nor place to do such a thing. It is the time and place to USE your practiced pre-shot routine and kick into your “imagination of situation” or course management mindset. Good course management skills lend themself to a successful day on the golf course. Consider the following as part of your instruction during a playing lesson:

  • Analyzing wind direction
  • Understanding terrain or lie of the ball and justified stances
  • Golf equipment and club selection
  • Shot selection
  • Judgment of distance
  • Rules of golf (discussion as the situation demands)
  • Etiquette of play
  • Pace of play, playing through, letting others play through
  • Relaxation and patience
  • How to analyze what you may need to practice after your round of golf

The format of a playing lesson should be arranged to be played with just you and your instructor. A playing lesson can take more time per hole than a normal round of golf.

The Putting Laboratory





The WEGA has developed a centre of excellence where students receive a unique putting experience. In this purpose built facility Nick Riley, PGA Advanced Professional, has developed a philosophy that is not based around one specific methodology. Using scientific tools and hands on tour experience we endeavour to help each player find their individual pathway to better putting.
More Information

Short Games School





Learn the latest methods used by top Tournament Professionals and discover the secrets of lower scoring. Study the techniques used by Tiger Woods and VJ and learn why Gary Player is renowned as one of the greatest bunker players of all time.
“Just Imagine playing bunker shots just like Tiger”

Half Day – 3 Hour Course      9:30am – 12:30pm or 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Format: 1
1 Hour Pitching
1/2 Hour Bunker Play
1 Hour  Chipping
1/2 Hour Distance Control & Wedge Management
Format: 2
1 1/2 Putting
1/2 Hour Bunker Play
1 Hour  Chipping / Pitching, Distance Control & Wedge Management
 Fee £165.00

This clinic would be suitable for anyone wishing to take their short game to the next level.