Green Reading

Welcome to the New Target Point Green Reading System  (TPGRS)

When reading a putting green the golf player will judge the slope of the green to determine which way the ball will turn as it travels towards the hole; this is called the ‘break’ of the putt. The more tilt in the green, the more the putt will break. Keeping this in mind the player also has to determine the speed of the putt, anticipating what effect the ground conditions and slope of the green will have on the pace of the moving ball.

During the process of developing the Target Point Green Reading System, aka TPGRS, Nick Riley wanted a green reading system that was easy to understand and one that caters for both line and speed. As far as he is aware, to date, this is the only green reading system capable of doing so. When using the TPGRS you instantly have a visual cue to help you assess the slope of the green.  It’s simple and only takes seconds to help you judge the correct line and speed when putting.

At first, Riley wanted a green reading system to calculate a degree of slope, he devised a complex formula to assess the line and distance of the putt. However, it soon became clear that this type of system was too complex and counter intuitive to what a player will do naturally on the greens. Most of what we do in life is lead by the eyes and reading greens is no exception to this. Your visual system is linked to your brain in an intricate manner, one that influences everything you do, including your golf game.

When putting, it is important that a green reading system suits your natural process and that it doesn’t interrupt your routine or mental thoughts.

TPGRS can be used on many levels. It can be used as a stand-alone green reading system or it can add an aspect of layering to a process you may already use.

As an added extra our specialist putting insights at the end of the program have been designed to help enhance your focus and concentration. We will help you understand ball roll patterns over sloping greens, the effects of gravity, tilt and speed, and undergo specific drills to enhance your game.

Get in touch if you would like to join the Target Point Green Reading System revolution and take your green reading and putting skills to the next level by emailing Nick Riley at for clinic dates.

“No matter how good your stroke or how well you align yourself, if you haven’t read the green correctly, the putt is a lost cause.”

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