Better Distance Control

Touch and Feel Putting
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Do you leave your putts short?
Are you three putting?
Would you like to improve your ability to control the speed of your putt?

If you said yes to any of the above, hopefully this clinic will help you.

This session is based around controlling the speed of your putts, highlighting the way you should think, feel and focus.  This lesson has a holistic approach as opposed to a technical one.
At the end of the lesson you will improve your ability to judge distance and control the speed of your putt, plus, gain a greater confidence.

“Learn the methods and secrets of many of the worlds best putters.”
•Learn to look and see the line.
•Perceive and sense your putt.
•Gain a better touch and feel.
•Learn how professional golfers approach their putts.
•Learn to practice.
•Better focus, attention & awareness.

This session will suite any golfer:-
If you are a high handicap golfer trying to stop three putting.
A golfer that would like to understand how to perceive and sense their putts.
Scratch golfer who wants to fine tune their distance control.

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