Mr Robert Bruce

I consider myself very privileged to have experienced a custom fit putter session at the West of England Golf Academy at Henbury Golf Club, thanks to the generosity of National Club Golfer Magazine and the Yes putter company.

It can best be described as a real eye opener and was extremely informative, with the aid of high speed cameras and computer technology, it certainly gives you plenty to think about.
But with the excellent tutoring from yourself it all falls into place so quickly, and you find your technique improving instantly with confidence growing by the minute.

I think it’s amazing how we all seem to take for granted that we do the simple things correctly i.e like striking the ball in the centre of the club face, in my case not so as proven by the simple tell all tape test!

I would have no hesitation in recommending a visit to the fitting centre to anyone who wants to improve their game at whatever standard they play, many thanks to you who’s tutoring has already enabled me to lower my score and enjoy my new Yes Putter to the full.